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Reachers / Grabbers

What should you look for in a Reacher/Grabber?
It should work and it should work for a long time. It should be easy to use, not a hand exerciser; and of course it should allow you to Reach, and Grab things.

At TrashBusters/USA we only sell quality Reacher/Grabbers. They all meet the above criteria, and we offer a wide variety of options to fit your specific needs. From professional heavy duty to light duty, the right length for the job, and even a bit of color. Select based on your needs and rest assured you can be sure you are getting the best value in a Reacher/Grabber.

EZ Reacher
EZ-Reachers. Outdoor, Commercial/Heavy Duty Professional Quality Litter Reacher.
32" and 40" Sizes. Replaceable Suction Cups.

32" $17.95
40" $19.95
Orange Litter Reacher Grabber 

Orange Outdoor, Commercial/Heavy Duty Professional Quality Litter Reacher.  36" Overall (32" Reach) 10 oz.
Replaceable Suction Cups.

Color Grabbers 
Lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Reachers, Assorted Colors.
Easy Grip Handle. Available in 23" Overall (4oz) and 32" (5oz).

Shorter size great for kids, ledges, shelves and stadium/seating where longer handle can't get under. 

23" $9.75
32" $9.75
Replacement Sunction Cups

Replacement Suction Cups for all Reacher Grabbers.
Locking nut, durable. Keep the gripping power!