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Litter Pickup Sticks

It's Durable, Lightweight, and Pointy; What more could you want? Oh yeah, a Great Price:  $9.00/ea

Manufactured by TrashBusters/USA right here in South Florida. This is a great litter pickup stick at a great price.
No repetitive bending and stretching, speeds up the cleanup process without the need to handle litter or debris.

Litter PickUp Stick
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Vinyl Grip
  • Tempered Steel Tip
  • Sturdy / Durable / Lightweight Construction
  • Easy to Use
  • 40" Length (Special Sizes Available.)
  • Replacable Tips for Long-Long term use.

Replacement Tips Only: $3.75/ea
Also, available in Orange Powder Coated shaft: $12.50

Made in USA