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Shoulder Litter Bags and Trash Bag Holders

Picking up trash is fine but if you can't easily dispose of it, what's the point?
We offer two solutions:

Shoulder Litter Bag   Litter Bag Handle-Holder
Shoulder Litter Bag Trash Bag Holder
Durable, Vinyl over the shoulder litter bag. Puncture resistant, heavy duty, water proof to contain trash, liquids, and all the nasty stuff without tearing spilling. Keep the stuff in the bag, not on you. Hose it out, use it over and over again or line it with a trash bag and remove when full.   Easy Bag Holder, grips trashbags so you don't need to fumble with them or clench a loose bag as it gets heavier. Strong sliding grommet to secure bags of all sizes and thicknesses.  
$22.50/ea   $11.95/ea  
Litter Bag Hoop-Holder      
The Litter Bag Hoop-Holder conveniently holds trash bags open and gives a handle to hold onto making litter pick-up handy, not hands on.